Avengers Beach!, Pt. 3 is an Event Quest. It is part of the limited-time Sun, Surf, and Mischief! event.

Requirements Edit

  • Place a Palm Tree
    • Palm Trees are in the Store.
    • Cost: 2 beach balls and 20 Credits.

Quest Dialogue Edit

Tropical Wasp: I sort of hate to say this, but I think you're right. Who cares if nobody wants to party at the beach? I'll bring the beach to them.
Loki: I definitely hate to say this, but I like the way you think...
Tropical Wasp: Once they get that tropical vibe, they'll never want to leave!
Loki: That is an ingenious plan...
Tropical Wasp: The Academy already feels more beachy!
Loki: Yes. They'll be drawn to my beach like Bilgesnipes to the slaughter...
Tropical Wasp: Huh?
Loki: I said things are indeed feeling increasingly beachy! Let the festivities commence!
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