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These are the rules that apply to all users of the Avengers Academy Wikia, in addition to the general Wikia Rules. We strive to make this place the best it can be, and to do that, we have created some additional guidelines for conduct in regards to this Wikia. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to admin! Thank you!

Be Nice

Assume good faith in your fellow editors, and be civil when interacting with them and your moderators. This also includes not vandalizing pages, or knowingly adding false or inaccurate information.

The game is rated 9+, so please try to keep your language appropriate for that age range.

Pics Or It Didn't Happen

If you do not have photographic evidence, be it of a mission, decoration, or new item, do not make a page for it.

Quest Dialogue

While this doesn't follow the standard naming protocol, it's incredibly important to keep in mind.

  • Quest Dialogue must be added under a spoiler. The Source Code for it is available on most quest pages, soon to be all.

No RPing

Feel free to solicit RP partners in the forum, but the Wikia is not a place for actual RPing. Every RP post makes for another notification in "Recent Wikia Edits", and actual edits get buried under them. Take it elsewhere.

If it's not in the Game, it doesn't go on the Wikia

This rule is fairly straightforward—the exception to this rule is information confirmed outside the game by an official source (TinyCo social media, voice actor official websites, developer interviews, etc). This goes doubly so for voice actors. Unless you can point to an official source for a voice actor, do not change or add a voice actor.

When the game was still active, some speculation was allowed, but only on our Speculation page, and only about things that have some basis for existence—such as a post by a TinyCo representative, an appearance in the game's code, outside confirmation by a reliable TinyCo source, or being featured in some sort of promotional materials. This article is now archived since the game retired.

Please refrain from making pages for Characters until they have in-game character models.

The Game Is Law

Generally, what the game says goes. This means that quest names on our wiki should reflect whatever shows up in-game, and characters should be named accordingly, regardless of how odd, unusual, or grammatically inaccurate the names might seem.

Our Wikia strives to be a good resource for players of the game, and we need to be as consistent with the game as possible to achieve that.

Unless the Game is Unreasonable

The sub-rule to The Game Is Law, "Unless the Game is Unreasonable" covers instances when the game itself is inconsistent, or otherwise making nonsensical decisions. When that happens, the Wikia tries to pick one thing and stick with it.

This most often shows up in our category system. For the purposes of our wiki, we have defined "Building" as "any location where a character can perform an action", and "Decorations" as "any location that cannot be interacted with".

Another example would be when multiple items/missions/quests have the same name. In-game this probably works for the developers because things are coded separately, but on the Wikia, there can only be one page per name. In instances like this, main story quests are always given naming priority, and similarly named items/missions will have something added to them (check the Style Guide for more info).

Use The Style Guide

The Style Guide is there as a reference for you to use, and if you are planning to become a regular editor on the wiki, we will expect you to be familiar with it. Edits that don't fit the style guide will be modified or removed depending upon the situation. If you have any doubt about proper formatting, look to other articles for examples, or feel free to message admin!

This also ties into "Unless the Game is Unreasonable"—in the event that this is the case, use the Style Guide to determine what should go where.

Onsite Behavior

  • Please avoid low effort, low value edits. For example, please avoid "happy" to "glad" edits, and avoid referencing other Marvel media to describe something. For example, an appearance description such as "His suit is the one from Thor: Ragnarok" is not a helpful contribution and should be avoided.
  • No Achievement Spamming.
    • If you want to work towards an achievement, that's fine. Spamming things specifically for the sake of an achievement will result in a warning, or further action.
  • Provide Reasons for Undos
    • If you undo someone's work on a page, please provide a reason, except in the case of vandalism.

Offsite Behavior

If you plan to present yourself as someone affiliated with the Wikia on other sites, we expect you to behave as an editor of the Wikia should. This includes:

  • Not insulting or attacking other users.
  • Not editing the Wikia to prove your own points.
  • Being gracious when flaws in the Wikia are pointed out.

We have worked hard to build up our good name, and any damage to our reputation will not be taken lightly.

Serious Offense

Be Nice, Don't RP, Offsite Behavior

Serious Offenses will be treated on a "three strikes, you're out" policy. First offenses will result in a 1 week ban and a warning. Second offenses will be a 2 week ban. The third offense will result in a permanent ban.

Serious Offenses that are deemed actively malicious (editing another user's page, editing a page to include obscene material, etc), will jump straight to "annnd you're out", also known as a permanent ban.

Minor Offense

All other rules.

Repeatedly committing a minor offense will result in a warning or stern talking to from one of the mods or admins, which may lead to a Serious Offense if you ignore these warnings (see Be Nice).

Anonymous Offense

Anonymous Offenses will be subject to the same policies as Serious Offenses. If someone wants to contest their charge, they can feel free to make an account and post their issues.