To celebrate the game's second anniversary, Avengers Academy 2.0 was released 6 February 2018, and featured major changes to combat, the Mission Board, and character rank-ups. It also added features such as your Academy Power Level, Stamina, and a new Hero Management board.

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Recruiting Characters Edit

In order to recruit characters, players must now earn 10 Hero Shards for that character. For example, to recruit Daredevil, players must acquire 10 Daredevil Shards. Methods for acquiring Hero Shards varied from event to event, but were generally available from capsules or combat.

Combat Edit

Combat was significantly overhauled, and is no longer restricted to just during events. Academy students are categorized into Types and Classes. They each have a unique Basic Attack, Special Attack, Passive trait, and two Ultimate abilities. A full list of all student traits are listed on the Combat Attributes article.

Combat is accessible through the new Campaign Map.

Types Edit

Classes Edit

  • Students are assigned one of three Classes: Attacker, Support, or Tank.

Mission Board Edit

Upgrade the Mission Board Edit

  • The Mission Board can now be upgraded. Upgrade requirements are listed on the Mission Board article.

Missions Edit

  • Provide combat stamina needed to engage in combat.

Goals Edit

  • Missions required to progress through the game or event storyline.

Daily Edit

  • Six random daily missions that are the main source of Experience needed to level up your Academy.

Hero Edit

  • Character recruitment and storyline missions.

Event Edit

  • Event missions; this tab only appears when an event is active.

Character Rank-Ups Edit

Materials required to upgrade characters' Level, Rank, and Rarity can be obtained through normal and heroic combat.

Skills Edit

  • Provide upgrades to unlocked combat abilities.

Level Edit

  • Permanently upgrades hero base stats for Health and Attacks.
  • Increase your student's level with Comic Pages, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novel Box Sets, and Trading Cards.

Rank Edit

  • Provides a percentage boost to base stats.
  • The materials required to upgrade students is now standardized according to their Type.

Rarity Edit

  • Unlocks unique combat abilities and passives, and provides a significant percentage boost to combat stats.
  • Rarity can be upgraded through Hero Shards, which are occasionally dropped from Heroic combat.

Academy Adventures Edit

Academy Adventures

On August 7, 2018, TinyCo introduced Academy Adventures. This feature allows players to play old events and earn some of the characters and outfits that were available during that event. In order to "buy" an old event, players can pay Shards or spend Tokens. Players earn 1 Token every 24 hours.

Capsules Edit

Loot crates were replaced with RNG-based capsules. Capsules contained a variety of items such as Hero Shards, currency, Shards, materials to rank up characters, etc. At any given time, players could purchase Gold and Silver Timefog Capsules. Event Capsules and Combat Capsules were also introduced.

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