Attuma is the main antagonist of the Legends Assemble Event. He leads an undersea school for Lemurians.

Story Edit

During the Legends Assemble Event, Attuma agreed to team up his university with A.I.M. and Hydra to attack Avengers Academy. Attuma and his students created a tsunami that flooded the campus, creating chaos, and allowing his followers to kidnap some of the school's faculty.

Character Relationships Edit

Lemurian Battleship Edit

Attuma led the Lemurians to attack Avengers Academy with the Lemurian Battleship.

Triton Edit

Triton tried to diplomatically convince Attuma to give him the Terrigen crystals the Lemurians possess. When Attuma refused, Triton led a team to defeat him.

Trivia Edit

  • Attuma made everyone cry at the Lemurian holiday party when he sang his favorite R&B song for karaoke.

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