Attack of the Octobots!

Attack of the Octobots! is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Learn how to attack the Octobots!

Quest Dialogue Edit

The Lizard: Wasssp is aware of our ssscheme. If she knowsss about the sssynthetic web fluid, it'sss only a matter of time before she discoversss our mossst important experimentsssss.
Doctor Octopus: Let her snoop. My Octobots are operational, and more than capable of thwarting the attempts of some amateur detective.
The Lizard: Do you purposssely set out to make every sssingle one of your inventionsss look like an octopusssss?
Doctor Octopus: This from a man whose car looks like a lizard...
The Lizard: I'll have you know that the Lizard-Mobile getsss excccellent gasss mileage.
Green Goblin: Not bad, Dr. Octavius. I may have to put my own spin on these Octobots...
Doctor Octopus: One should never mess with perfection. It's the same philosophy I apply to my hairstyle.
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