Astronaut Falcon!

Astronaut Falcon! is an Event Quest and part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Event. It unlocks the Astronaut Falcon outfit for Falcon.

Requirements Edit

Get Astronaut Falcon!

  • 15 Oxygen Tanks, 2 Red Aliens, 20 Moon Boots, 2,490 Flares

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wasp: Now you can help on space missions and your brain won't explode!
Falcon: It's incredible! I feel like Guion Bluford and Neil Armstrong rolled into one!
Wasp: Plus you've got wings and a special pocket for holding astronaut ice cream!
Falcon: My brain might explode from hypeness!
Captain Marvel: How'd you get your hands on an astronaut suit?
Falcon: I called in a favor.
Captain Marvel: I'd be jealous if I couldn't survive in space without one.
Falcon: Forget space, I'm wearing this to the club!
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