Asgardian Zone

Intel says this area holds a portal to different worlds. You really think you're ready for that kind of responsibility?

The Asgardian Zone is a section in the timefog. It is the fourth unlockable Zone, containing debris relating to Asgard and the Chitauri.

Quest to Unlock: Clear The Air

Debris: Edit

  • The Bifrost, repairable building
    • 7,575 Credits
    • 22hr
  • Asgardian Statue, repairable decor item
    • 2 Pym Particles
    • 6s
  • Asgardian Debris:
    • 1 Pym Particle, 6hr
    • 2 Pym Particles, 12hr
    • 1 Pym Particle, 2hr
  • Chitauri Debris:
    • 1 Pym Particle, 2hr
    • 1 Pym Particle, 6hr
    • 2 Pym Particle, 12hr

Gallery Edit

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