Asgardian Spider-Man-0

Asgardian Spider-Man! is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Homecoming Event. It unlocks the Asgardian Spider-Man outfit for Spider-Man.

Requirements Edit

Get Asgardian Spider-Man!

  • 475 Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Odin: This Uru woven suit will protect you from any foe, Spider-Man. You are now an honorary warrior of Asgard.
Asgardian Spider-Man: So cool! What are the stabby things for?
Odin: Every Asgardian must include some stabby things. So says the All-Father.
Wiccan: Is that a suit made of Uru...?
Asgardian Spider-Man: Yep. I'm basically indestructible. I'm like a full-on Asgardian now.
Wiccan: I've never been this jealous in my entire life.
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