Armored Mary Jane-0

Armored Mary Jane is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Homecoming Event. It unlocks the Armored Mary Jane outfit for Mary Jane.

Requirements Edit

Get Armored Mary Jane!

  • 595 Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Spider-Man: I made you new armor for fighting Vulture!
Armored Mary Jane: I've always liked silver. It's actually more comfortable than it looks.
Spider-Man: And it accounts for the mechanical spider legs in your Iron Spider armor!
Armored Mary Jane: Ever since I met Thanos, I've been dying to punch someone in the face with my own armored gauntlet.
Spider-Man: Whaaaaaaaat?!
Medieval Spider Woman: I'm digging the spider motif on your armor.
Armored Mary Jane: I can't wait to do Super Hero stuff without getting bruises. It's tough doing photoshoots with bloody knuckles.
Medieval Spider Woman: Punching villains in the face is always in fashion.
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