Armored Ego

Armored Ego is an Event Quest and part of the Back to School Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Mandarin Admire Your Incandescence 4h Wonder Auditorium (stage)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mandarin: Your armored suits are nothing compared to my sweet rings of power.
Iron Man: Really? Can you shoot laser blasts with those things?
Mandarin: Electron, neutron, and sonic. Also infrared. Oh, and electrical.
Iron Man: Damn, that is cool.
Mandarin: Yup.
Iron Man: But can you fly?
Mandarin: Of course! On air that I spin into a vortex and ride like a chariot.
Iron Man: Sounds a little Looney Tunes. Just saying... I fly using rockets on my hands and feet. Rockets.
Mandarin: I thought you of all people would appreciate the ability to manipulate matter.
Iron Man: I appreciate science. And rockets.
Iron Man: So, Mandarin, what good are you if you take off those rings?
Mandarin: What good are you, Tony, if you take off your suit?
Iron Man: I'm the third smartest person in the world. Also exceptionally handsome and generally awesome.
Mandarin: I can channel ancient cosmic chi.
Iron Man: Hmph. Nice bling.
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