The Area 13 Laboratory is a Building that was only available for purchase during the Avengers Halloween Event 2017. It is a science lab with three floor levels. It takes up 5 x 5 (25) plots.

Requirements Edit

  • Unlocks at: Level 6
  • Cost: 100 Commando Badges
  • Time: 5m
  • New Action Areas:

Action Areas Edit

Interactions Edit

Captain America Edit

  • Close the Show - 2h (Requires Heavy Metal Captain America outfit)

Man-Thing Edit

  • Feel the Fear - 5h (Requires a male student)

Punisher Edit

  • Absorb Punishment - 5h (Requires Franken-Castle Punisher outfit)
  • Recharge - 5h (Requires Franken-Castle Punisher outfit)

Thor Edit

  • Ride the Lightning - 5h (Requires Deconsecrator Thor outfit)
  • Raise Hel - 5h (Requires Deconsecrator Thor outfit)

Vampire by Night Edit

  • Howl At The Moon - 5h

Werewolf by Night Edit

  • Howl At The Moon - 5h

Trivia Edit

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