Anti-Gamma, Pt. 1

Anti-Gamma, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the limited-time Gamma Attack! event. It is a limited-time quest to buy a Red Gamma Laboratory. If you buy the building within 1hr, you'll get a 50 Shard "rebate."


  • Place the Red Gamma Laboratory!
    • Cost: 400 Shards
    • Time: 1s

Quest Dialogue Edit

Iron Man: Professor Pym developed an even more powerful Gamma Blocker formula to weaken Red Hulk. We just need you to monitor and distribute it...
Spider-Woman: Are you sure we can trust him?
Baron Zemo: Do you honestly believe Zemo would take orders from you?
Vision: I'm always happy to offer my assistance. By the way, do you like "Gamma Time!" for the name of my next record?
War Machine: Is this a trick? What's it say about me that I always have to wonder if my best friend is just messing with me?
Iron Man: No. No. No. And it means you have good taste, Rhodey. Or maybe I'm just messing with you...
War Machine: Any Hulks ever attack Hydra School?
Baron Zemo: Not that I recall. Although A.I.M. once unleashed a crash of robotic rhinoceroses upon us...
War Machine: A "crash?"
Baron Zemo: The scientific term for a group of rhinoceroses.
War Machine: You learn something new every day...
Baron Zemo: Zemo is a fan of rhinoceroses.
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