Ant-Plan is a Storyline Quest. It is the Recruitment Quest for Ant-Man.

During Avengers Academy 1.0, completing the storyline quest, To Recruit a Thief was a prerequisite for this quest. The requirement was removed for 2.0. Additionally, completing this quest used to initiate All-New Avengers!, Pt. 1 and Antastic!


Avengers Academy 1.0 Edit

  • Invite Ant-Man to the Academy!
  • Recruit Ant-Man:
    • 6,686 Credits
    • Collect 40 Bad Disguises
    • Collect 65 Avengers Textbooks
    • 1 Search For Clues
Character Action Time Location
Black Widow Search For Clues 1m Paths

Avengers Academy 2.0 Edit

Get Ant-Man

  • 10 Ant-Man Shards

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ant-Man: Thanks for ignoring my past, and giving me a shot, Director Fury. Only thing I'll need is a map of the campus, including blueprints detailing any underground tunnels and structures.
Nick Fury: ...
Ant-Man: Just so I can help my ant friends house-hunt. Unless you don't trust me...
Nick Fury: I don't trust anyone. But I'll give you the intel because I trust you're not stupid enough to steal from Nick Fury.
Ant-Man: You can trust me, but you should also know I'm pretty stupid.
Ant-Man: What's in the five underground vaults that aren't on any of the maps?
Nick Fury: Ant spray.
Ant-Man: Must be some serious spray to be putting off that much energy.
Nick Fury: Curious ants require serious spray.
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