Animal house pt1

Animal House, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest for the Guardians of the Galaxy Event. Despite Star-Lord's objections, it's time to free Rocket Raccoon!

Requirements Edit

  • Free Rocket Raccoon!
    • Cost: 50 Energy Crystals
    • Time: 3s

Quest Dialogue Edit

Drax: It's time, Quill...
Star Lord: Are you sure?
Drax: I am sure. That's why I said it aloud.
Star Lord: Why don't we wait a little bit? I'm getting cool with some of these Chitauri. I just need some more time to reason with Ronan...
Drax: The time for reasoning has passed, Quill. It's time to free Rocket Raccoon...
Rocket Raccoon: Where's Quill?
Drax: He ran away like a surprisingly fast baby.
Rocket Raccoon: Hurry up and heal me so I can find him. Me and that punk got a score to settle...
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