Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom is an Event Quest and part of the British Invasion Event. It's time to start bringing down the Black Knight!

Requirements Edit

  • Get an Ancient Portal!
    • 2 Magic Runes
  • Activate the Ancient Portal!
    • 3 Magic Runes
Character Action Time Location
Iron Man Search for Magic Artifacts 3h Ancient Portal

Quest Dialogue Edit

Enchantress: Black Knight's sword is weakened, but remains impervious to magic, and the Starstone is losing its effectiveness...
Iron Man: Maybe I should talk to him. English people love me...
Enchantress: He's American.
Iron Man: Americans. Am I right?
Enchantress: You're all Midgardian to me. We need more powerful artifacts to eliminate the curse, and we need to travel beyond this planet to get them. Loki and I will summon an ancient portal, and you will enter it in search of artifacts.
Iron Man: Is it safe?
Enchantress: It's an interstellar portal made of rocks.
Iron Man: That was awesome! Have you ever been to Nidavellir?!
Enchantress: That wretched Dwarven hovel? Of course not...
Iron Man: They're amazing engineers! They made Thor's hammer and Odin's spear and I was helping them with a new weapon called Stormbreaker!
Enchantress: Stormbreaker? Who names these things?
Iron Man: Me and hairy Dwarven dudes!
Enchantress: That figures...
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