Ancient History, pt. 2

Ancient History, pt. 2 is an Event Quest and part of the Legends Assemble Event.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Nick Fury! (Rank 4)

  • 20 Gold Torpedoes, 18 Turquoise Torpedoes, 2,690 Tridents
Name Action Time Location
Nick Fury Classified: Recruiting 4m Quinjet Hangar

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hank Pym: Director Fury! I heard you yell "Science!" so I came running!
Nick Fury: I need you to scan every known alternate universe for strange activity.
Hank Pym: I'd think you were making a joke, but it would be unprecedented!
Nick Fury: I realize everything about them is strange. I'm mostly interested in evidence of anyone traveling in or out.
Hank Pym: You think an alternate got here without us knowing?!
Nick Fury: Wouldn't be the first time.
Hank Pym: I caught a Kang sighting and countless stranger things in the multiversal scan, but nothing to indicate that an alternate traveled here without our knowledge.
Nick Fury: I guess he's just stronger than before...
Hank Pym: Who?
Nick Fury: This is why I don't like making new friends. They come with new enemies.
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