An Air of Mystery, pt. 2 is a Event Quest for Marvel's Doctor Strange Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Doctor Voodoo

Quest Dialogue Edit

Tech Wizard Iron Man: You went to Falcon about flying before me?! Don't you know they call me Air Tony? Don't you know I just made that up?
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: You've been mocking sorcery since I got here.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: I mock because I love. Ask Cap. I've been making fun of him for months.
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: Alright, Air Tony. Show me how to become one with the skies...
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Not bad, huh?
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: You can certainly fly, Iron Man. I'm more concerned with your inventions...
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Well, don't be. I'm good at everything, but I'm the best at that.
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: The bones showed me a future where your robots have taken over the school...
Tech Wizard Iron Man: Are you sure they weren't just being helpful?
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: They were killing people.
Tech Wizard Iron Man: With kindness?
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: With lasers. Although, they did look happy...
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