An Air of Mystery, pt. 1

An Air of Mystery, pt. 1 is a Event Quest for Marvel's Doctor Strange Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Doctor Voodoo Escape the Devourer! 4h Quad (paths)
Falcon Blast Off! 1m Quad (flying)

Quest Dialogue Edit

Elemental Doctor Voodoo: I noticed your wings...
Falcon: Please don't tell me you wanna use them for some kind of ritual.
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: I figured since I'm channeling the element of air, I could probably learn something from a man with wings.
Falcon: Sure, let's see what kind of speed you've got. I'm just glad I'm not about to be sacrificed.
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: I'd never use your wings for a ritual, Falcon. I'd use your bones.
Falcon: Well, you're definitely fast...
Elemental Doctor Voodoo: My magic has been behaving strangely ever since I got to Avengers Academy.
Falcon: I wouldn't worry unless you start to feel a compulsive urge to dance...
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