American Gladiator, pt. 3

American Gladiator, pt. 3 is an Event Quest and part of the Monsters Unleashed Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location Notes
Captain America Earn Their Respect 4m Monster Arena Requires Gladiator Captain America outfit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Winter Soldier: Did you get brainwashed by Hydra?
Gladiator Captain America: No. Why?
Winter Soldier: You grew your hair out.
Gladiator Captain America: Just because someone has long hair, it doesn't mean they've been brainwashed by Hydra...
Winter Soldier: That explains a lot of my weirder conversations.
Post Action
Fin Fang Foom: Our kind can ever coexist, Captain America. The closer you get to my monsters, the more likely you are to find yourself being crushed between their gnashing teeth.
Gladiator Captain America: You can't rule with manipulation and fear forever. Sooner or later they'll see you for what you really are.
Fin Fang Foom: By then I'll have everything I need, and your world will be left in shambles.
Gladiator Captain America: We'll rebuild it together. And then we'll come looking for you...
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