American Gladiator, pt. 1

American Gladiator, pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Monsters Unleashed Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location Notes
Captain America Earn Their Respect Monster Arena Requires Gladiator Captain America outfit.

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ares: Gladiator gear suits you better than I would've thought.
Gladiator Captain America: It's more comfortable than I would've thought. Now it's time to test out what I learned from the other gladiators.
Ares: Did they show you the backhand head chop, and the two-hand heart plunge? Those are my favorite gladiator murder moves. Also when they drag somebody around in a net. That always makes me smile.
Gladiator Captain America: They showed me all that and more, but I'm not gonna use any of it unless I have to.
Ares: What are you talking about?
Gladiator Captain America: We have enough enemies. We need more soldiers...
Post Action
Ares: Did a boulder fall on your head when you were training in monster land? These things are trying to kill us.
Gladiator Captain America: Fin Fang Foom is trying to kill us. The rest of these monsters are just following orders.
Ares: It's safer to kill them first.
Gladiator Captain America: We're not killers. We avoid violence when we can, and avoid deadly force at all costs.
Ares: Speak for yourself.
Gladiator Captain America: I do. I also speak for heroes. For Avengers.
Ares: You've seen war, but you haven't seen anything like the one that's coming. I thought you were one of the only heroes who's ready, but I guess I thought wrong.
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