Amazing Friends!

Amazing Friends! is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Train a Hero to fight Doc Ock!
Wasp: Spider-Man is super busy hacking and protecting the campus from the new Octobots, so we need to train to take down Doctor Octopus ourselves!
Black Cat: Sounds good. I'll snatch his wallet while we're at it...
Wasp: This is awesome. I always wanted to be on an all-girl attack squad.
Spider-Ham: What about me?
Wasp: You're our secret weapon! Now let's go pig out on some octopus!
Spider-Ham: That's offensive.
Wasp: Sorry...
Spider-Ham: Just kidding! I make human puns all the time!
Wasp: Are you ready to battle Doctor Octopus?
Spider-Ham: After I get a good luck kiss...
Wasp: Good idea! Did you ask Mary Jane?
Spider-Ham: No. I guess I could...
Wasp: Ask for me too! She's so coooool!
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