All the Dogs, pt. 3

All the Dogs, pt. 3 is an Event Quest and part of the Multiverse Special Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Longbow Be a Folk Hero 4m Post-Apocalyptic Stark Tower
Longbow Show Off 5m Post-Apocalyptic Stark Tower

Quest Dialogue Edit

Longbow: Is that your dog?!
Misty Knight: I think of him more as a friend, or trusty sidekick. His name is King Wrinkles, and he's a magical dog detective.
Longbow: Long live the king!
Cosmo the Spacedog: Comrade Longbow! Why are you not fightink invaders?
Longbow: A talking dog?!
Cosmo the Spacedog: You are beink accepted to Avengers Academy despite history of theifink. Cosmo is beink chief of security. Cosmo will be apprehendink criminals who are not beink useful...
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