All-New Captain America!, pt. 3 2.0

All-New Captain America!, pt. 3 is an Event Quest and the part of the Civil War EventFalcon needs to figure out how to utilize the iconic shield.


Character Action Time Location Notes
Falcon Get Good with the Shield 15m Quad (lower right) Requires Captain America Falcon outfit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Captain America Falcon: I need some tips on getting good with this shield.
Captain America: Just keep practicing.
Captain America Falcon: That's what you said about playing pool, and we're both still terrible at it...
Captain America: Nice work! You're already better with the shield than I am!
Captain America Falcon: I don't know about all that, but it does feel good when it comes right back to you.
Captain America: Wait until you get to ricochet it off a Hydra guy's head! I once went Hydra head, tank, helicopter, Hydra head, turret, triple Hydra head! That's my personal best!
Captain America Falcon: You sure you don't want to be out here fighting them yourself?
Captain America: Maybe...

Avengers Academy 1.0 Edit

This quest was revised for the Avengers Academy 2.0 update. The following changes were made from 1.0 to 2.0:

  • The reward used to be 20 Klyntarites.
  • Action time reduced from 30m to 15m.

Gallery Edit

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