Agent of Avengers Academy 2.0

Agent of Avengers Academy is an Event Quest and part of the A.I.M. Attacks! Event. It's the Recruitment Quest for Phil Coulson.

Requirements Edit

Get Phil Coulson!

Quest Dialogue Edit

Phil Coulson: Black Widow!
Black Widow: Who sent you?!
Phil Coulson: No one! I mean, my mom sent me off. She's really supportive. She made me a bag lunch with a cupcake that has the S.H.I.E.L.D. symbol made from sprinkles. She's also really crafty...
Black Widow: How do you know who I am?
Phil Coulson: You led the mission to destroy the Hydra zeppelin while single-handedly investigating the timefog mystery! You're one of my heroes. Full discretion, though. I have a lot of heroes.
Black Widow: I need to keep searching for clues on how to infiltrate the Hydra platform...
Phil Coulson: You can do it! You're the best!
Captain America: Welcome to Avengers Academy, Phil.
Phil Coulson: I love you.
Captain America: Okay...
Phil Coulson: Sorry. I was telling myself in my head not to say I love you, but then I said it because I'm an idiot. I love everything you stand for. You were one of my dad's heroes. I got into this because of you.
Captain America: Don't be sorry. Everyone says your work ethic, insights, and tactical skills are off the charts. We'd love to have you on the squad...

Avengers Academy 1.0 Version Edit

This quest was revised for the Avengers Academy 2.0 update. The following changes were made from 1.0 to 2.0:

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