Acclimate!, Pt. 3

Acclimate!, Pt. 3 is an Event Quest and part of the Monsters Unleashed Event.

Requirements Edit

Upgrade Orrgo! (Rank 2)

  • 26 Orange Pterodactyls, 5,740 Space Herbs
Character Action Time Location
Orrgo Dive Bomb! 1m Monster Arena
Wasp Create a Buzz 3m Quad

Quest Dialogue Edit

Elsa Bloodstone: We're supposed to be fighting monsters! Why are you dancing and arguing with Loki?
Orrgo: Orrgo was just doing what everyone else does.
Elsa Bloodstone: Get to the Monster Arena and train! You have to take this serious!
Orrgo: This is the face of seriousness.
Orrgo: Orrgo is dizzy...
Wasp: You smashed you face so hard so many times!
Orrgo: Orrgo was just warming up...
Wasp: Do you need to go to the doctor?!
Orrgo: Orrgo knows exactly where he needs to go...
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