Acclimate!, Pt. 1

Acclimate!, Pt. 1 is an Event Quest and part of the Monsters Unleashed Event.

Requirements Edit

Character Action Time Location
Orrgo Walk a Rock! 1m Paths

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hawkeye: Is everything going alright so far? You look like you aren't too sure about this place. I think. Could just be the way you look...
Orrgo: You are not mistaken, human. As much as Orrgo was ready to rid himself of his fellow Mentelleronites, he is feeling homesick.
Hawkeye: Have you thought about getting a pet? My dog Lucky always makes things better when I'm feeling down.
Orrgo: Orrgo has never had a pet. Perhaps he should create one...
Wasp: Cute rock! What's its name?!
Orrgo: Orrgo's rock has no name. It is a thing he created to provide companionship.
Wasp: How about Rocko?
Orrgo: It needs no name.
Wasp: How about Orrgo Jr.?
Orrgo: It is an inanimate object given movement through Orrgo's abilities. It does not truly live, therefore it does not require a name.
Wasp: How about Orrgito?
Orrgo: Orrgito is good.
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