Academy Courthouse is a Building that was only available for purchase during the Daredevil Event and the Defenders Event. It is a courthouse featuring Iron Legion robots as the jury and judge, a witness stand, and two counsel benches. The Academy Courthouse take ups 4 x 5 (20) plots.


  • Unlocks at: Level 6
  • Cost: 100 Ninja Stars
  • Time: instant
  • New Action Areas: Right Desk, Left Desk, In Front

Action Areas

  • Front - just In the front of the courthouse behind the desks. Currently this location is unique to Punisher.
  • Left Desk - the left desk.
  • Right Desk - the right desk.
  • The Well - the open space between the bench and the counsel tables. Currently this location is unique to Foggy Nelson.


Colleen Wing

  • Investigate - 2h


  • State Your Case - 30m, Left Desk

Foggy Nelson

  • Present Your Case - 15m, the Well


  • Condemn the Accused - 2h, Right Desk (Requires Lawyer Loki outfit)

Madame Masque

  • Be a Perfect 10 - 3h, Left Desk


  • Get Detected - 2h 45m, Front

White Tiger

  • Get Boxed In - 4h
  • Stalk Your Prey - 5h, Right Desk


  • Nick Fury can be seen in this building sitting at the table next to the judge.


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