A Piece of Klyntar

A Piece of Klyntar is an Event Quest and part of the Spider-Man Event.

Requirements Edit

  • Collect 70 Klyntarites!
Iron Man: Oscorp was keeping meteors from the Klyntar home planet in the lab with the Symbiotes, and you exploded them all over the place. We can figure out how to defeat them if we collect enough Klyntarites.
Spider-Man: Klyntarites?
Iron Man: You have a better name?
Spider-Man: Symbeteors?
Iron Man: ...
Spider-Man: I combined Symbiotes and meteors.
Iron Man: I'm looking at you, but I'm no longer listening.
Venom: The superhumans are gathering their forces, and searching for our weaknesses. We need to feed off of their emotions and bodies, and use their powers to conquer this planet.
Carnage: I told you we need to just run on down there and kill 'em all.
Venom: We heard you the first twenty-five times you said it...
Carnage: Hey, don't be blamin' me 'cuz I'm a slick-looking remorseless murder machine, and you're just a dumb slobber-tongue chunk o' charcoal.
Venom: We should end you before you do something to interfere with our plans. We're still hungry. We're always hungry...
Carnage: A killin' contest?! Now you're talkin' my language, slobber-tongue! Yeeeeeeeee-haw!
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